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 Hello Beautiful!

     Welcome to my website!  I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit, and I pray that you will be uplifted.  Rather we are connecting through my music, speaking, or writing, I am so glad you're here!

     Please be sure to check out Warrior Woman Blog for inspirational readings to fuel your devotional time with God.  You can sign up to receive the monthly blog post delivered directly to your inbox every 2nd Saturday inside my Sweet Saturday newsletter.  "Sweet Saturday" encouragement is my ministry newsletter designed to cheer you on as you live authentically and pursue God passionately.  

     I am excited to share my debut book, Warrior Slay, along with book baby number two, Living My Best Life with you!  Warrior Slay is a devotional book that will ignite your heart as you win in worship and slay when you pray!  You will be strengthened in your practice of the spiritual disciplines of prayer and worship.  Living My Best Life is a six-session Bible study especially tailored for single women that champions them to embrace God's gift of living free and single.  It focuses on six core areas:  freedom, family, fitness, finances, friendship, and fulfillment.

     In March 2024, I will be releasing my newest book, Be Still My Soul.  I am excited, as the purpose of this book is to provide a framework for cultivating the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude through prayer journaling.  If you are in the Central Florida area, check out the details surrounding my book signing listed below!

     On social media, you can link with me on Instagram and Facebook, where every 4th Saturday of the month I release a new episode of "The Coaching Connection," a monthly coaching conversation for women about an array of topics on Christian living.  Hope to see you there @PatriceBurrellMinistries!  May abundant grace and sweet blessings be yours!



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Patrice's Newest Book, Be Still My Soul, Launches March 30th!  Sign Up to Attend the Book Signing in the Orlando, Florida Area Here!

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