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“Be still before God...”

“Quiet your soul...”

“Get away and be with God...”


If you have ever had anyone to say any of these expressions or something similar, then you know it is not as easy as it sounds. What do we do once we are alone with God? Does your mind begin to race? Are you inundated with distractions? Is it hard to focus and settle your body? Do you become intimidated because you just don’t feel “spiritual” enough to engage with the presence of God? If you can relate to any of these, this prayer journal book is for you!


Silence and solitude are spiritual disciplines that must be cultivated just as much as reading the Bible. If we are honest, it can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging to know exactly how to do that and where to start.


Be Still My Soul will guide you through the process of practicing the presence of God and utilizing the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude through prayer journaling. Over the course of one month, you will implement these disciplines into your daily devotional time and experience greater intimacy in your relationship with God.


Even if you are not “into journaling” or find it difficult to do so consistently, this prayer journaling book will guide you through the application of integrating prayer, silence, and solitude harmoniously. God invites us to create margin within our day-to-day living to encounter His presence in authentic ways. Be Still My Soul will serve as your personal companion as you navigate your unique journey of spending time alone in the presence of God.

Be Still My Soul Prayer Journal Book

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