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In this six-session video Bible study, Patrice Burrell explores what it means to live our best life as Christian single women.  She offers spiritual and practical insights in six distinct areas:  freedom, family, fitness, finances, friendship, and fulfillment.  This Bible study offers hope, assurance, and confirmation to women that it is possible to fully live a life worth living when we choose to embrace God’s gift of singleness.  Choosing this life is not inferior to any other, but it is the best life God has masterfully designed for us according to His sovereign purposes for us.


Video Sessions Overview:

  • Introduction: (6:46)

  • Session One: My Freedom (10:00)

  • Session Two: My Family (5:41)

  • Session Three: My Fitness (9:53)

  • Session Four: My Finances (7:26)

  • Session Five: My Friendships (9:31

  • Session Six: My Fulfillment (8:37)


A total of 7 videos to accompany the Bible study book, Living My Best Life will be digitally delivered for download.

Living My Best Life Bible Study Videos

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