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Praise on Purpose

How often do you begin your prayers with praise? Is it the pre-requisite to your petitions? Is it something you do automatically, sort of as a customary practice that precedes your requests? God is challenging me, and all of us, to become more deliberate about praising Him. And not just praising Him, but becoming so acquainted with His presence that lingering in His presence during our time of praise is not something foreign to us. God's desire is that we would desire to spend quantity and quality time with Him. This time must become sacred space, never rushed, and always the priority of our day. Sometimes without even realizing it, our praise is connected to our expectation for Him to manifest something else in our lives. The greatest manifestation we can ever receive is the gift of His presence. He must always be our greatest treasure! When we practice the presence of God every day of our lives, it helps us to remember that God is worthy of being honored with our praise, on purpose! We do not have to wait until we "feel" like praising Him. Instead, we purpose in our spirit, soul, and body to praise him intentionally. "I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart..." -Psalm 9:1

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