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Why Worshiping Warrior?

What does it mean to be a worshiping warrior? As you may have noticed, the name of this blog ministry is Worshiping Warrior. The Lord gave me the name for this ministry to reflect its primary purpose-to encourage others to be warriors who use worship as a spiritual weapon. It implies a dualism that on one hand embodies the idea of worshiping God, while also taking the position of a warrior who fights in the spirit. Some might view this concept contrastingly, as worship normally indicates a more passive position and the word warrior by nature is extremely aggressive. Let me explain why.

We engage in worship because God alone is deserving, regardless of any of the personal benefits that happen to come along with it. Our objective should always be to experience Him, not to receive his blessings. However, when we engage in worship, something else happens supernaturally and simultaneously. Our worship also becomes a weapon of warfare against spiritual darkness sent against us from the enemy. In other words, one of the ways we wage warfare in the spirit realm is simply by worshiping our God.

Someone once told me, “Who would have thought a sweet, worshiping Jesus girl like you would have so much fight!” I understood what they meant. You see, although there is an angle of viewing worship as sweet, awe-inspiring, and overwhelmingly beautiful because we are in the presence of God, with that also comes the ability to shift to a heavenly perspective. In other words, you can’t be in a spiritual place and not see things form a spiritual vantage point. The more you encounter God, the more you are exposed to this awareness, and you begin to understanding just how things work spiritually to impact what we see happening naturally. Worship is not a passive, fragile position. It is a powerful, weapon of warfare that is released against the enemy every time we reach heaven. Don’t be afraid to embrace this aspect of worship. When relating to this idea of being a worshiping warrior, I often reflect upon the angels discussed in Revelation 4:8. It amazes me how they are described as having eyes “around and within them.” This is indicative of having a posture of warfare. However, they never ceased to cry out, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”

So remember, you never have to fall in a trap that forces you to pick one over the other. God has called all of us to be worshipers, and He has called all of us to be warriors! It's not an either or scenario. Embrace the wonderful reality of what walking in this kind of anointing can mean not only to you personally, but to the kingdom of God.

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