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Live in Worship

When we live in worship it means that we are sustained by the presence of God each day of our lives. To echo the phrase, “worship is a lifestyle” is to understand that we worship God through the daily routines and rhythms of life. As we go along our way, we are ever cognizant that our habits, our behavior, our thoughts, our responses are all a reflection of worship to our God.

In Genesis 5:24, we learn that Enoch “walked with God” so closely that at the end of his life, God took him up. Can you imagine experiencing such intimacy with the Father that when you come to the end of your life, there is not any physical evidence of your death because God literally takes you up? What kind of testimony does our life speak? Will people characterize us as one who “walked with God?”

Walking with God only happens when we live in worship. Walking with God does not mean that we somehow escape living through all of the varying seasons of life. Worshiping God does not exempt us from trials of life or difficult circumstances. It does not provide a guarantee that every outcome will result just as we desire. Rather, living in a place of perpetual worship will guarantee that we emerge victorious in every experience we encounter. It ensures that through the empowerment of Holy Spirit, we will be led and directed by His guidance and His peace.

I am grateful that as of this month, God has graced me over the past two years to write for Worshiping Warrior Blog Ministry. Worship is my passion, and it is my great joy to share it with others. Sometimes though, people mistakenly think that because you walk with God in a lifestyle of worship, you never have bad days, hard times, or rough patches to navigate. One of the things I have tried to do as it relates to this ministry is to simply be consistent, no matter what may be going on in or around me. Even in my personal life, it is the consistency of my private worship that holds the steady drum beat by which I live, day in and day out. I believe whole-heartedly that God’s faithfulness to us deserves our best efforts to be faithful to Him.

I say this today because as I write this blog and celebrate its two year anniversary, I am also celebrating the life of my father, Edward Paul, Jr., who transitioned from this earth just earlier this week. In a very real and raw way, I know that it is my resolve to live in worship that anchors me especially in wake of this reality. It is in memory of my dad that I dedicate this blog entry post.

So let me encourage you while I encourage me, be determined to walk with God, to live in worship. It is in this place that we “do life” and live to see the beauty of God’s sovereignty revealed in us and through us. Remember, it’s all for His glory! I choose to worship, how about you?

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