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The Priority of Prayer

Just when I thought God was ready to move on to something else, He spoke to my heart, “Pray Girl, Pray.” Before being convinced this was indeed the theme, He was leading me to in 2023 for Warrior Woman Blog Ministry, I reminded God of how He had already given me prayer as a special topic of focus last summer. I wanted to be sure it was not my personal affinity for prayer leading me, but truly God’s spirit. Then I heard something in my spirit that settled me and offered the confirmation I needed. God spoke, “But I’m not done.”

After God gave me the outline for this year’s blogging content, little did I realize that in less than a week, He would further affirm prayer as the focus for Warrior Woman in 2023. You see, I had been researching various small groups curriculum when I happened to run across a Bible study series on prayer. As I listened to the introduction session, I didn’t know if I wanted to scream, run, jump up and down, or fall out of my seat because five of the specific content topics God gave me to blog about (each for a different month this year) were being addressed in this Bible study. Only God can work things out like that and give you what I like to call ”God winks.”

When can any of us ever say we are done cultivating our prayer life? There is always more of God to experience and greater revelations of His glory we have yet to encounter. I believe God is constantly beckoning us to come. Come and be with Him. Come up higher as we ascend in His presence through prayer. Come deeper as we expand our knowledge and understanding about prayer. Luke 18:1 (ESV) reminds us, “And he [Jesus] told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” Prayer is always appropriate and should always be our first response. But first it must become our priority.

If we were to take a poll, how much spiritual illiteracy would we discover among Christians that exists in the area of prayer? People must be taught about prayer so that they are equipped to sustain an effective, fervent prayer life. However, before we can be taught about prayer, we must have a sincere desire to grow in prayer. Pursuit follows passion. If prayer is not something we truly deem valuable and important, then it will never be a priority.

Since you are reading this, I am going to make an assumption that you already have a passionate desire to pursue God’s presence through a dedicated prayer life. In this first installment of the “Pray Girl Pray” series for the year, let’s focus on how we literally make prayer our priority.

The human struggle we all face in life is being able to match our actions with what we say. If we say prayer is our priority, then why does it seem we have a hard time translating that to our choices, our behaviors, and yes - our time management as it pertains to prioritizing prayer? Though some lack valuing prayer as a priority because they lack desire, pursuit, and passion, that is not necessarily true for all. Some of us honestly desire to make prayer our priority, we just falter with implementation and follow through.

So then, where do we start? How do we prioritize prayer in the real-time movement of real life? Here are three practical steps you can take to get you going.

Make Daily Prayer a Non-Negotiable