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                                                  Artist.  Author.  Ambassador.

         Patrice Burrell is unapologetically a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A biblically-based communicator, she aspires to inspire her sisters-in-Christ through leading, speaking and writing, that empowers them to live authentic lives built on an authentic relationship with God.  Patrice’s first passion has and always will be worship.  She has loved singing God’s praises since the tender age of two by the foresight of her pastor and grandfather, the late Rev. Harry Burrell.  One of her great loves is sharing the love of God as a worship leader.  Currently preparing for the release of her full album project, she has already recorded two songs:  Closer to You and Suddenly.

     As a Christian life coach, Patrice has the privilege of equipping other women in the area of spiritual life coaching through her business, Life Confessions Consulting. She hosts a monthly broadcast to offer encouragement and provide practical hope for cultivating an intimate relationship with God (The Coaching Connection on Facebook).  After earning her Master of Divinity degree from Luther Rice College and Seminary, Patrice authored her first book, Warrior Slay.  Also a blogger, she enjoys writing about what matters most for women endeavoring to lead lives of significance and foster godly living through her monthly posts for Warrior Woman Blog Ministry. 

     Patrice's love for preaching and teaching the Word of God is paramount as she is compelled to share the transformational power of scripture.  When not engaged in ministry to women, she makes time to frequent local attractions, read many books, and do life with her local church in beautiful Orlando, Florida.  The chief of her roles is getting to be the joyful mother of one daughter, currently a  college sophomore.  There are three words that best characterizes the contagious energy Patrice Burrell exudes in perusing God’s call on her life:  artist – author – ambassador.  It is her life’s mission to walk out these callings as she loves God and loves His people.

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