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Have you ever considered your singleness as a gift? In a culture where marriage is sometimes elevated as the end goal of relationships, it can become easy to overvalue God's gift of marriage while discounting His gift of singleness. Often, we pursue our desire for marriage but fail to recognize all of our opportunities to live fulfilled as single Christian women.  


Living My Best Life invites you to explore the significance of living single by the grace of God, enjoying every aspect of the abundant life promised to us. This six-session Bible study, tailored just for single women, encourages you to celebrate your journey, maximize your season of singleness, and embrace God’s best life for you as a cherished Daughter of God.  


Through inspired revelation and practical life application, you will gain insights that equip you to embrace your singleness in six core life areas: freedom, family, fitness, finances, friendship, and fulfillment. The study includes a weekly video teaching, core life area reading, study and discussion questions, a video participant’s guide, journal reflection questions, prayer prompts, and a special section dedicated to spotlight single women in scripture for each session. As a bonus, you will receive practical tips to help generate ideas of how you can live your best single life right now.


Explore this study with a small group or in your individual Bible study time and discover your soul’s ultimate satisfaction as you live your best life without regrets and lavishly full. It is God’s gift to you…embrace it!

Living My Best Life Book

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