• Are you are a career woman, but also have a call to ministry?

• Are you a stay-at-home mom managing the affairs of your home while also managing a ministry or business?

• Are you are a female entrepreneur desiring to take your business to the next level?

• Are you a woman in ministry in a season of expansion, elevation; launch or relaunch?

• Are you a mover and shaker, called by God with multiple gifts, talents, and abilities?


Then welcome to The Leverage Mastermind Program! The purpose of LMP is to champion women who navigate the intersections of ministry, career, and entrepreneurship.  I’m Patrice Burrell, founder of Life Confessions Consulting, and I understand exactly how you feel as a mover and shaker, called to ministry and entrepreneurship, while working full time in or outside of your home. This course is designed especially with you in mind.


Over the course of two months, you will be led to a deeper understanding of many topics as it relates to the unique requirements of balancing full-time work, with regards to ministry, career, and entrepreneurship. Here are the topics covered in each bootcamp group session:


Session 1 - Purpose and Vision Clarity

Session 2 - Exclusively Called to Serve

Session 3 - Rising Up to Show Up

Session 4 - Working Systems That Work


The tailored aspect of this course involves two personal coaching consultations to cultivate your unique business blueprint and/or ministry road map. 


The word leverage is defined as the ability to use something to maximum advantage, to increase the potential return of an investment. God has already called, equipped and qualified you. Now leverage what you’ve been given by taking the next step with Leverage Mastermind Program. This is your time to make your next move.



-This program is structured as a workshop style, group accountability, bi-weekly virtual course.

-Bootcamps are for about 1 hour.  The first hour is dedicated to presentation and engagement,  and then a Q & A time for the last 30 minutes of our time together.

-Sessions are facilitated through Zoom every other Sunday evening, starting at 6:00 P,M, (EST) on the following dates:  7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22

-There will be worksheets/pre-work involved before some of our meeting sessions.

-Sessions will be recorded and re-play sent to you electronically.

2021 Leverage Mastermind Program