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The Privilege of Prayer

John 1:12-13 But to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the

right to become children of God— children born not of blood, nor of the desire or will of man,

but born of God. (BSB)

Prayer. We don’t often think of privilege when we see this word. We should though. Some think it is just something that Christians do. Some Christians don’t do it at all. Some consider it boring, and others an item on their to-do list to check off.

Privilege is defined as a right granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor, a right attached specifically to a position or an office (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). John chapter one verses twelve through thirteen say that because we received and believed in Jesus, we were given the right to become children of God! This means that we didn’t have this privilege before. This means that if God hadn’t sent Jesus to atone for our sins, we wouldn’t have this privilege! Not because we were born into this right, not because of our desire for this right, but because of the goodness, mercy, grace, and love of God! Because of this, we have the right, and the privilege to pray to our Father in heaven, talk to Him, have a conversation, intimacy with Him. What an


Prayer is a conversation and in conversations, the parties involved all have the opportunity to

speak, and share something and others listen and respond. God listens and He responds! What a

privilege to have access to the Creator of the universe and He actually wants to communicate

with us. He desired that so much that He sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die for our

sins so that we would have the privilege, the right, benefit, advantage, and favor to speak to and

hear Him!

Too often, we take this great privilege for granted and treat it as something ordinary, as if it’s not an expensive gift to be treasured and valued! Oh, that we would fully understand the cost of this privilege to pray! Take advantage of this privilege! This right means that we have the King’s ear and He values what we have to say, He values us and will move on our behalf because of the

right granted to be His child.

About Shannon

Hi ladies! I'm Shannon Taylor. I'm happily married to my hot hunk of a chocolate husband, Richard, and I am a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos. I'm also a prophetess of God, author, and founder of Purely Loved Ministries. I graduated with honors, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from DeVry University. After working in the corporate and hospitality industries, I took a leap of faith, and now I coach & direct women to their God-given purpose.

My passion outside of loving on my family is helping others grow closer to God. God has given me the gift and innate ability to thrust people forward into their God-given purpose. I've spent the last 12 years of my life helping others grow deeper in their relationship with God, discover their gifts and purpose, and show them just how loved, and treasured they are by God!

I’ve facilitated classes, co-developed a purity program, published my first book, Love, Jesus, Sex: Experiences & Lessons Learned, hosted and facilitate retreats, and spoken at many women’s and teen events. I consider it an honor to accompany others on their journey to becoming all they were created to be and in seeing others regain or discover the awe and wonder of a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

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About Patrice

Championing women to live authentically and pursue God passionately, Patrice Burrell is called to lead others to the grace of God, rooted in the truth of scripture. She is a blogger, author, life coach, and worship leader who loves practicing the presence of God through a lifestyle anchored in spiritual disciplines. As a Bible teacher and preacher, she exhorts women to remember their true identity is defined in Christ, not culture. When not serving at her local church with the small groups and singles' ministries, Patrice enjoys visiting local Orlando attractions, reading books while sitting along the beach, and finding unique ways to explore her writing creativity. You can connect with Patrice on her blog, Warrior Woman Blog, on social media in her Facebook community, Warrior Women, and @patriceburrellministries on Facebook and Instagram. Patrice is excited about her new release of her second book, Living My Best Life: Embracing God’s Gift of Living Full and Single. It is a six-session Bible study designed especially for single women. You can also check out her debut book, Warrior Slay, a devotional book on the power of worship and prayer.

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